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  1. In 1971, my sister and I (Kathy and Terry) moved in with the Pointers. We had bought a house 5 miles east of Collins but could not get moved in before school started so we came up to start school. We had never met them before we arrived but I don't ever remember being scared or afraid to stay there. I felt like I belonged there and we helped with the evening dishes and chores around the house. DD (I never called him Sam) always called me "Teresa" and he was the only one in town that could get away with that! I used to stop at the station all the time and of course he would always send me off with "Gunner Teresa". He was a very intelligent and funny guy. His wit would catch you off guard, and sometimes was over my head!
    After High school I left Collins for college and the Navy but I visited whenever I was in town. I think it was about 1 1/2 years ago when I saw him on Facebook! I was amazed and sent him a small note. He was in his 90's and I was not sure if he would remember me. He made my day by replying back that not only did he remember me but I was one of his favorite people! He then sent me a wood bowl that he had carved. What an awesome guy!
    I never met his kids, Gary and Lisa but I knew all about them cause he talked about them all the time. Gary was a pilot in the Air Force. He told me about his grandkids and who belonged to who but I can't remember that now.
    I wish I had made it back to Collins more often to visit but his memory will live forever in my heart!