Famous Sayings

Don was known for his wit and sense of humor.  Below we have compiled a list of some of his famous sayings.  We know there's lots more, let us know if there's one we forgot!

"Better'n a poke in the eye with a sharp stick"
"Handier than a pocket on a shirt"
"You can sleep in a car, but you can't drive a house"
"Hotter than a popcorn fart"
"Colder'n billy hell"
"Can't sell taters out of an empty wagon"
"Tougher than baked owl"
"Just short of terrible"
"Bald headed hell"
"Shit house louse"
Want some 'baccer?"
"God damned . . ."
"Two for nuthin"
"Not unless I'm alone or with somebody"
"A dollar three eighty twenty-nine"
"Elevendy seven"
"Bass ackwards"
"Quit that out"
"Cow's ass"
"I need a volunteer {name}"
"Maggie's drawers"
"Dumb shit"
"Wise ass"
"Colder than a well diggers butt"
"Pull up your bootstraps and keep truckin"
"Do the best with what you got"
"Hit the floor runnin"
"Both hands on the wheel"
"You can sit up in your grave saying, I was right"
"If you shit in your nest you will have to sit in it"
"Shit or get off the pot"
"Lights are on but nobody's home"
"People who talk about how much money they have don't have any money"
"The more dogs you have the less money you have"
"Watch my smoke"
"Poop deck"
"Attie o go"
"Don't trust a fart after 60"
"Got a good do on it"
"What in the Sam hill"
"Take a leak" (to the dogs)
"them guys"
"Half timers"
"CRS"  (Can't Remember Shit)
"NYDB"  (None Your Damn Business)
"Measure twice, cut once"
"All this hub bub is making my bung hole want a chew of tobacco."
"Scoop the loop"

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